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Efficient operation, rigorous academic research ability, deliberate compliance procedure


Randomization Plan, IWRS, Drug blinding, Blood sample blinding, etc

Data Management

eCRF/ database building, data management, medical coding, data reviewing, etc


Statistical Design、Sample size Estimation、DMC/Interim Analysis、ISS/ISE Analysis、IND/NDA Statistical Support、Statistical Monitoring, etc

Medical Affairs

Clinical  Development strategy formulation, Protocol Design and Writing, CSR writing, Medical Monitoring, Medical Review, etc


Safety Database Set Up、SAE Management、SUSAR Submissions、DSUR/PSUR、RCP/RMP, etc

Systematic Review

MBMA、Meta Analysis

Modeling and Simulations

PopPK、(PopPK/PD)、E-R、PBPK、QTc Analysis、Translational Medicine, etc

Clinical Pharmacological

PK Analysis,PD Analysis, BE Analysis, FE Analysis, DDI Analysis , Material Balance and Biotransformation Analysis, etc


Electronic Clinical Trial Integration Platform, Technical Guarantee of high quality clinical trial data


DaS Trial can realize the integration functions of data collection, drug management, biological computing, modeling and simulation, randomized and blinding, electronic diary , image acquisition, pharmacovigilance, standardized document submission, etc. also it can realize the technical process of remote patient participation in the trial, support patient-centered, and provide direct drug delivery solutions to patients. It is an essential tool for sponsors to monitor the safety of subjects and data quality, and is the solution for the full implementation of DCTs.

The Modeling and Simulation Studio (Maspectra)  covers many  modules required for MIDD, including PK, PD, PK/PD, BE, Statistics, PBPK, CTS, etc., which is an essential integral solution for biomedical research and development, teaching, and scientific research.
The new MIDD model can greatly improve the efficiency and success rate of drug research and development, shorten the research and development cycle, and reduce the cost of clinical trials.  Maspectra is your best choice


DaS Trial®

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Technology leader

Led by well-known experts, professional and stable talent team, strategic R & D strategy, model guidance, rapid promotion

Professional platform

Independent research and development of electronic clinical trial integration platform, system interoperability, data sharing, simplify management, improve efficiency

Rich in experience

Deeply engaged in the clinical trial industry, helped a number of innovative drugs successfully launched, the project covers various disease fields, widely praised, trusted and respected by customers

Reliable quality

Perfect quality system, in line with international standards, certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001, audited by domestic and foreign regulatory agencies and professional teams for many times